Jan 1, 2023    Cliff McCray

Pastor Cliff kicked off a mini-series on faithfulness on January 1.

Big Idea: In the body of Christ, I have a significant role to play, and so do you. 

1. We are the body of Christ. verses 12-13

2. We each have a God-given role to play. verses 14-20 

3. Our God-given roles work together for God's glory and our good. verses 21-26

Our FAITHFULNESS or our FAITHLESSNESS can portray a picture of our WITNESS.

Radiant City Church is a Gospel-centered, multiethnic, and multigenerational movement. Our mission is to multiply disciples and churches. We believe that God is writing a very unique story within our faith family. We are structured both as a Gathered and a Scattered church. We gather on Sundays as a family on mission, and we scatter throughout the week as families on mission in City Groups (missional communities).