The Promise at Pentecost

Aug 28, 2022    Cliff McCray

Pastor Cliff McCray continues through our Acts series as he preaches from Acts 2:1-41.

1. The Spirit of God COMES (verses 1-13)
2. The Word of God is PREACHED (verses 14-21)
3. The Son of God is EXALTED (verses 22-36)
4. And the People of God RESPOND (verses 37-41)

Radiant City Church is a Gospel-centered, multiethnic, and multigenerational movement. Our mission is to multiply disciples and churches. We believe that God is writing a very unique story within our faith family. We are structured both as a Gathered and a Scattered church. We gather on Sundays as a family on mission, and we scatter throughout the week as families on mission in City Groups (missional communities).