What to Expect 

We desire for Sunday gatherings to be multi-generational and multiethnic, and value having children in the room! Throughout the year we incorporate what we call a Family Sunday into our Sunday gathering rhythms. On these Sundays Radiant Kids classrooms are only offered for infants through age 4. Our hope is that this will encourage families to participate in the gathering together in order to celebrate Jesus, delight in His Word, respond in worship, remember the Lord’s Supper, learn, witness, and prayerfully participate in baptism.


All serving team members will go through the application/background check process prior to serving during a Sunday gathering.


Radiant Kids will have a Check-In area at the entrance with serving team members ready to help with this process.  For the security of the children, we will be using a label system. The labels printed will be used for checking in a child and also for checking out a child as well. No child shall be checked out without having a matching label that corresponds to the child’s label to identify the parent/guardian that is getting checked out.


Radiant Kids will have designated classrooms for their age group.
• 0-4 years old
• Pre-K - Kindergarten
• 1st-3rd Grade
• 4th-5th Grade

Each classroom will have serving team members to serve your children. We have put in place some guidelines to ensure the safety and security of Radiant Kids. Never shall a child be alone with a young adult/adult volunteer.


Radiant Kids has a strict bathroom policy that must be followed without exception. Only the female team members or parent/guardian will help in restroom breaks. Two volunteers will assist in bathroom breaks to ensure the highest level of accountability and safety. Never will a child be left alone with a serving team member.


Only female serving team members and nursery workers will undertake the diapering of children of either sex in a Radiant Kids classrooms.


If your child has a minimal incident that requires the use of first aid, (band aid, insect bite lotion, etc) a Radiant kids team member will apply the first aid. If the incident is of larger scale then just applying a band aid, we will find the parent/guardian to inform them and assist in any way possible.


We want to thank you for your trust and partnership with Radiant Kids. We believe in a good God and have confidence in Him. We are so thankful for the opportunity to serve you and your children!

We want to help kids meet Jesus, imitate Jesus and share Jesus! You are loved!

  • Sheila and the Radiant City Kids team.